About Softra

We are a manufacturer of fleet management software systems for fleet managers, car rental companies, dealers and CFM companies. We have been in business since 1995.

We are the producer of the best, according to readers of the magazine “Fleet”, award-winning vehicle management program at the company “Fleet Commandor”.

We also produce software for construction and industry.

We design and create programs to order customers from various industries.

We offer computer programs for fleet management of vehicles for three groups of recipients:

  • FLEET Commandor - a program for fleet administration of vehicles in companies
  • FLEET Pro CFM - a program for companies offering fleet management or long-term rental
  • FLEET Rent - a program for Rent a Car rentals and dealers
  • customer-specific versions

Our customers are companies from different industries, different sizes, from small ones with 10 vehicles to the largest ones with more than 5000 cars.

We provide training and constant software service.

We deliver programs based on MSSQL, Oracle, Postgresql databases on Windows and Linux.

We integrate our systems with human resources, financial and accounting systems, GPS vehicle locations and other systems used by our customers.

Feel free to discover more about our solutions.

We may send you information materials or organize free software demonstrations.