Car Fleet Management &
Administration Software

Car Fleet Management &
Administration Software

Our rewards

As a manufacturer of software designed for the management of company vehicles, we have been repeatedly appreciated by users and industry specialists. Their opinions have been confirmed in the awards we have received so far.

For several years, we have been at the forefront of industry ratings. In 2010 we won the Top Player Award. Our Flota Commandor software won the first award and the title of Best Fleet Product in the IT category in the Fleet Derby 2012 and 2013 competitions. We also received the award in the Fleet Awards Poland 2014 ratings, and two years later we were again appreciated in the Fleet Derby ratings. In 2019, our solution was also unrivalled and received the title of Fleet Leader during the organized Fleet Market 2018.

Although it is very important for us to receive such important distinctions, we never rest on our laurels! Every day we strive to achieve the best results and adapt our products to the changing needs of the market and the expectations of our customers.


Implementation services

Could we just stop at designing programmes of this kind and putting them on the market? Of course we could, but that’s not how honest business works. In addition to providing the best solutions that are beneficial for you, our task is also to provide comprehensive customer service.

As the creator of the system, we can handle it in an unlimited way, introducing the necessary corrections, changes or modifications to adapt it to real requirements and needs. At the same time, aware of our full responsibility for the programs we have created, we provide implementation services to our users. We want to make working with our products comfortable and, above all, understandable for you. Ultimately, the systems delivered by us are supposed to help and facilitate everyday work, not create additional tasks!

If you are interested in our proposal, but are afraid of introducing too many changes to your company, we will gladly dispel doubts. We provide users of our products with the necessary assistance during the implementation of the system, as well as in the event of problems occurring already during use.


Our strengths



We provide assistance in integrating the obtained results with other programs and the ability to save in various formats!



Time and money - all the necessary data are always at hand, in one place and properly secured. Thanks to this, the entire fleet is managed efficiently.



You can store all data in a convenient way, having access to it at any time. All functions of a given system are available to the user in a clear way.