Software for administration departments

For administration departments we offer:

  • employee equipment record system
  • telephone recording and settlement system
  • business trip document circulation system

The business trip circulation program enables registering, billing, servicing national and foreign business trips of employees of the company. It supports full circulation: from application, through multi-level approvals (depending, for example, on the type of trip, related to the training trip, project, etc.), to settlement of the business trip, including the possibility of generating electronic documents (business trip order, application for advance payment, etc.).

Enables records of business trips and related costs. The extensive mechanism of acceptance, orders and settlements enables full control of costs incurred by the company. The acceptance cycle and the number of levels may depend on a number of factors, e.g. VIP business trip, foreign trip, MPK, training, etc.

A business trip circulation system has been set up to streamline business trip-related processes. Softra Systemy Informatyczne is the owner and creator of the program, which is why we have the opportunity to tailor it to your needs.

We invite you to a live presentation of the program. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.