FLEET Commandor Recording of costs

The Fleet Commandor c/s system allows you to record all kinds of costs.

Costs can be introduced in different ways, e.g.:

  • entered manually (invoices, receipts, policies, internal evidence, etc.)
  • imported from data transferred from Orlen, BP, Statoil, Shell fuel card systems, etc.
  • imported from phone records ORANGE, PLUS GSM, etc.
  • imported from service stations and other companies
  • transferred from financial and accounting systems.


Invoices may contain all or some of the following:

  • invoice number, invoice item, date of purchase, date of issue
  • invoice issuer (allows grouping of invoices from indicated issuers)
  • content - name of the service, goods and additional comments
  • cost group - assigns the cost to one of the cost groups and its user defined account (e.g. fuel, repairs, insurance, employee expenses, etc.)
  • for fuel accounts - the amount of refuelled fuel
  • net value, VAT, gross
  • type of payment (e.g. cash, wire transfer, check, card)
  • for fuel card payments - fuel card number
  • the status of the meter at which the purchase was made.


In order to allow comprehensive data analysis, each cost item is described by the system with information such as:

  • registration number and make and type of vehicle
  • employee name
  • organizational unit in which the cost was incurred
  • MPK (cost centre)
  • cost generic symbol.