FLEET Commandor Operation supervision

The system makes it possible to account for mileage and fuel consumption using data from various sources:

  • on the basis of the meter statuses given by the employee when refuelling fuel and provided by the fuel company on the specification for the invoice
  • based on the meter and fuel statuses given by the employee on the periodic settlement document or road card
  • based on data imported from the GPS system installed in the vehicle.


Road card document

This document is used only with the use of the second of the aforementioned possible settlement systems. It may contain:

  • employee symbol, car number, organisational unit, settlement number, settlement period
  • meter and fuel status at the beginning and end of the billing period (including private journeys, if applicable)
  • details of attached fuel, oil, car wash, car parks, repairs, etc.

The settlement can be issued for any length of time: month, week, any number of days.


Settlement without road cards

Thanks to the use of unique algorithms, it is possible to settle vehicle operation on the basis of information provided from fuel card systems without entering any additional documents or using data provided by the GPS system.


Analysis of vehicle operation

The analysis of the use of cars includes for the indicated period and cars:

  • mileage of the vehicle during the
  • actual fuel consumption, fuel quantity according to standard, burnout, savings, average fuel consumption
  • fuel costs, other costs, total costs
  • cost of 1 km, average price of fuel.


Analyses of meter statuses

In the Fleet system, there is a group of lists of meter statuses given in different systems. The system has mechanisms for automatic correction of counter statuses incorrectly specified by employees.


Fuel settlement

Fuels purchased and consumed in many different systems are fully accounted for. The system detects the refuelling of the wrong fuel for a given vehicle type and compiles it on reports. This makes it easy for the fleet manager to detect refuelling irregularities.


Settlement of employees

In companies that settle employees’ private journeys, it is possible to charge for the use of vehicles for private purposes.