FLEET Commandor Data Import

Companies with company cars are increasingly using non-cash payment systems for refuelled fuel, highways, etc. The employee is equipped with a card enabling him to refuel and use other services at BP, ORLEN, STATOIL, SHELL, LOTOS, UTA, DKV or other petrol stations without paying in cash. This significantly relieves the company from settling advances and refunds of cash for purchases made. The company receives a summary invoice with a list of all refuellings. Such specification may be analysed by the programme.

The program allows you to import electronic specifications for invoices of FORD, FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA, SKODA, etc., tyre networks, insurance and leasing companies.

The program automatically correctly assigns imported transactions to a car, employee, organizational unit, cost group.

On the basis of the car data collected in the program, the division (description) of the invoice is automatically created taking into account the following criteria:

  • costs for which VAT can be deducted 100%, 50%
  • cost breakdown by organisational units
  • cost breakdown by cost centres (MPK)
  • allocation of income tax costs (75% or 100% VAT deduction).

We provide assistance in the implementation of cooperation between the program and the fuel card system.
Most often, it is not possible to completely eliminate cash purchases made at third-party stations. They are applied manually to the program.