FLEET Commandor Basic data

The system allows you to register, quickly search, view, print and export data about:

  • individual cars - e.g. registration number, inventory number, body number, registration card number, vehicle book number, inspection date, fuel card number, data on third party liability insurance, vehicle insurance, casualty insurance, leasing, etc.
  • makes and types of cars - technical data, fuel consumption standards, various types of drive, Euro standard, etc.
  • car equipment - name and group of equipment (radios, telephones, etc.), date of installation and returning, etc.
  • employees - personnel symbol, surname, position, organizational unit, address, accounting account, etc.
  • allocation of cars to individual employees at different periods of time and printout of vehicle handover protocols to employees
  • organizational division - companies, departments, divisions, regional offices, etc.
  • issuers of bills - data of companies issuing invoices for fuels, parts and services
  • insurance damages (accidents, breakages, thefts, etc.), their costs and the method of liquidation
  • registration of tyres worn, free, in seasonal stock
  • all kinds of costs
  • road cards and periodic settlements, if they are used in the company.