Partner CFM Multi-panel web platform

Partner CFM is a tool integrated with FLEET systems by SOFTRA. It enables ongoing access to a selected range of the latest data for many entities involved, for example, in the vehicle management process (e.g. Damages claims or car inspection). This module is fully functional in a web browser on computers and mobile devices with a web browser, without the need to install additional software. Depending on the role of the sign-in person, other features of the application are available.

  • Fleet manager (customer)
    - current fleet status, technical description, deadlines, mileage, limits, etc.
    - current allocation of the vehicle to the driver, company branch, etc.
    - access to contract data, orders, tyres, insurance, fuel cards, etc.
    - viewing and downloading invoices issued by CFM together with an attachment
    - document management, scans, photos, etc.
    - a module enabling updating the driver to the vehicle with a history.
  • Vehicle user
    - access to your vehicle data (description, deadlines, fuel card, tyres, contract)
    - reporting the need for car service / damage
    - updating the status of the vehicle meter
    - introduction of electronic road cards, cash invoices
  • Service Advisor
    - Reporting/Accepting Service Needs for a Vehicle in a Workshop
    - accepting service authorisation, submitting comments, documents and photos
    - receiving automatic authorisations based on service plans