Mobile and web apps

Our perfectly organized team of specialists is never idle and constantly develops new solutions aimed at increasing groups of users. As a result, we provide also other programs for the proper management of your business.

We propose a number of facilities in the form of mobile applications, such as “eRENT” or “eSOFTRA”. The first one was designed to handle data contained in the Flota Rent system via mobile devices, i.e. a tablet or smartphone.  “eSoftra”, on the other hand, complements and is fully compatible with the Flota Commander system by downloading the necessary data contained therein on an ongoing basis.

The CFM PARTNER Portal is a web-accessible platform that we provide to our Customers from the CFM industry. This add-on module has been adapted to all our systems. It allows you to access all the data stored in the program along with the function of editing them. It’s a convenient way to have the entire base handy, no matter where you are!

We also create custom-made software. Our portfolio includes many systems created for companies conducting transport, construction or service activities.