eRENT Electronic documents

In order to speed up the process of releasing or returning the vehicle in the field, the application gives the customer the opportunity to sign on the phone or tablet screen. Such electronic signature shall be placed on the printout of the release report and the contract in the appropriate place. All information recorded during the release and returning of the vehicle is recorded in the form of a release or returning report and a rental agreement and is sent to the customer by e-mail, as well as stored in the FLEET Rent system with the possibility of printing.

Rental Attachments

It is possible to review all electronic rental documentation and send information about the entire operation to the FLEET RENT system. In the absence of network coverage or a web package, the application saves data offline and waits for Wi-Fi coverage or network to appear. Under the “Synchronization” button in the main menu you can check all releases / returnings that have not yet been sent to the FLEET RENT system and synchronise on request.