eSOFTRA Process Improvement

The eSOFTRA application supports the daily duties of the fleet manager. One of them is the release of the vehicle to a new user. Thanks to the application, this process can be carried out using a mobile device.

  • Vehicle Release/Return - you can enter the date and time of the vehicle release and return into the application, along with the current mileage and fuel level in the tank.
  • New User - entering the data of a new vehicle user is conveniently done using the auto complete function from the list, which is synchronised with the Flota system employee file on an ongoing basis.
  • The “check-list” with vehicle equipment is defined in the Flota system. Then, the eSOFTRA application allows you to mark the status of the equipment at release and return, with the function of transferring it to the hand-over protocol.
  • Damage - you can hold your finger anywhere in the vehicle image to mark and describe the defect. In order to easily distinguish earlier damages from the latest ones at any time, they have been clearly marked with a separate colour. Additionally, you can take and attach photos using the camera icon.