Partner CFM Car park management

Partner CFM will work as a browser based vehicle fleet management and reporting system. The vehicle keeper can access the current status of the car park at any time and place. Information is available, among others, on the current status of vehicles, data of contracts with the supplier, mileage and limits, dates of inspections, etc. The Fleet Manager can review the entire list of cars and at any time report a new order or damage, download an invoice, check the location of the tyres or review the vehicle documents (e.g. a scan of the registration certificate).

The module allows you to update the status of the vehicle’s meter (and fuel status) at any time for any day. The values entered are immediately recorded in the main FLOTA system, which enables this information to be used when creating mileage or fuel consumption reports and to generate reminders, e.g. about the number of km remaining to be reviewed. In the Flota system, each meter status has a specific source, e.g. PARTNER CFM, GPS, INVOICE, XLS IMPORT.

For companies keeping records of car journeys (e.g. in order to deduct 100% VAT from vehicle costs), the module allows the introduction of so-called electronic road cards. Road cards can be entered at any time (e.g. daily, monthly, etc.) with data such as start / end date, mileage, route, destination and remarks. Electronic cards allow employees to enter data themselves, giving up paper versions of these documents.