Partner CFM Automatic authorisations

For CFM companies managing large fleets of vehicles interested in automating service authorisation processes and achieving greater time savings and better work efficiency, the Partner CFM module provides a mechanism for automatic authorisation of orders. This function is intended for scheduled activities for which a specific service plan can be created – e.g. technical inspections.

The service plan is assigned to the vehicle model in the FLEET system and contains a summary of individual parts and labour for each type of inspection. After logging in to the Partner CFM and saving the need to perform a given review, the Service Advisor automatically receives a list of required and optional materials. If the list overlaps with real demand, the order is automatically authorised. The purpose of the mechanism is to release CFM from the obligation to authorize activities that will be performed in accordance with the service plan. In such cases, the CFM provider only receives an order confirmation email from the vending machine and has the possibility to monitor these orders from the FLEET system.

Automatic authorization is subject to a number of conditions and control mechanisms, i.e.:

  • service Advisor Intervention (e.g. Increase Scheduled Quantities or Add Unscheduled Materials)
  • no service chronology (e.g. no service authorisation after 60,000 if service data after 45,000 are missing)
  • tolerance of the meter status (e.g. no authorization for inspection after 60 thousand if the vehicle counter status is 58 thousand)