FLEET Rent Additional modules

  • Possibility to integrate with the on-line vehicle order module (rental website)
  • Possibility of integration with the financial and accounting system - data exchange between systems
  • Integration with fiscal printer
  • Integration with GPS systems – to download data from the vehicle monitoring system

Cash register module

The cash register module is designed for users of the FLEET RENT system. It facilitates the settlement of cash turnover in both small and multi-branch rentals. The cash register module allows for recording all cash and card transactions and a detailed control of the cash registers.

  • Definition of cash register - The module allows the definition of cash registers in individual branches with an indication of the type of cash register.
    Separate cash registers and separate deposit offices can be defined, or cash registers can handle all operations.
  • Definition of cashiers - Any number of cashiers can be assigned to each cashier - i.e. users of the FLEET system who have the authority to generate documents related to the records of cash operations (and payment card). It is also possible to assign the same operator to different cash registers. This is useful when the operator operates several cash registers.
  • Documents - During invoicing in the FLEET RENT system, cash register receipt documents for deposits are automatically generated. The system prints cash register disbursement documents for refunds of cash deposits. When entering a cost document (e.g. purchasing windscreen washer fluid), cash register disbursement documents of cash dispensing from the cash register can be created.
    Checkout status shows the checkout report. The appearance of the cash register document can be adapted to the needs of the customer.
  • Cash reports - The cash balance and total turnover are shown in the cash report.
    Each day, during the first generation of a cash register receipt / cash register disbursement document, the system automatically opens a cash register report for that day in a given branch. The cash register at the time of opening is equal to the cash register at the time of closing on the previous day. In the course of daily work and entering payment information into the system, further events (cash register receipt and cash register disbursement) are added to the cash register report. The report can be printed or saved e.g. in an Excel file.
  • Fiscalization - The cash register turnover module can interact with the fiscalization module offered separately in fiscal printers.

“Soft Debt Collection” Module

The “Soft Debt Collection” module is an additional module for the FLEET Rent system, intended for rental of short and medium term vehicles. The module is integrated into the FLEET sales invoice register and enables the management of recovery proceedings.

  • Glossary of debt collection statuses - The “Soft Debt Collection” module allows you to define debt collection dictionaries that will be the basis for determining the current status of each debt collection case for unpaid invoices.
  • Debt collection file - Debt collection file is a register of debt collection cases related to unpaid invoices from the FLEET Rent system sales register. The file contains basic information, i.e. invoice data, payment deadline, amount of receivables, as well as the sum of previous payments made by the payer related to this receivable. Deposit information is automatically retrieved from the FLEET payment file. The module also displays the balance, i.e. the difference between the amount due and the total deposits. For items with a balance other than zero, the module displays the number of days from the due date to today. These fields are non-editable and constitute an extract from the invoice data, taking into account who is the VAT payer and in what part.
  • History of notes to receivables - Operators can add new notes and events related to a given case to each debt collection case. All notes are available in the form of a list, with information about the date of the event, description, author of the note and its status (current / outdated).
  • Attachments - The module allows attaching any documentation to each debt collection case (e.g. JPG, PDF files, etc.). 
  • Request for Payment Wizard - The module contains a mechanism for creating own letter templates and e-mail templates, e.g. with the character of a request for payment or various types of reminders, etc. Sending messages can be a single charge, or it can be based on a serial mechanism, i.e. it sends messages in groups to multiple charges at the same time. The collection module is also ready to send SMS messages, provided that the FLEET Rent system has been integrated into the SMS gateway (optional).
  • Balance Report - The Balance Report allows you to view the status of payment arrears on a specific day, for a specified payer or for all payers. The balance report shows only those receivables for which the date of issue is less than the indicated date, and only those deposits for which the date of payment is less than the indicated date are included in the calculation of the sum of deposits. The report allows you to filter by debit or payer status.