FLEET Commandor We provide

  • Implementation - we are the authors of the provided products and have full rights to make changes, implementations, expansions and distribution.
  • Friendly attitude - the program has been designed to be simple and pleasant to use. Contextual tooltips, dropdown checklists, control of the entered data allow for comfortable work with the software.
  • Transferability - the results of our work can be used in other programs. Reports can be saved in many formats: EXCEL, WORD, HTML, TXT, CSV.
  • Networking - the system provides the possibility of simultaneous operation of many users in a computer network.
  • Data security - the data entered is automatically controlled. Access to data by unauthorised persons is restricted by the password system. The program allows you to define the scope of user rights.
  • Training in the field of program operation - we provide a manual, on-line help in the program and full training in the field of program operation.
  • Service – we provide permanent service of the program during the warranty period and after its completion. As part of the service, we provide new versions of the program at no additional cost. We provide free telephone consultations, we will contact you personally if necessary.