FLEET Commandor Defined lists

An evaluation editor is available in the program. You can use it to create listings according to your needs.

A wizard is available to help you create reports. In the next steps, we answer the following questions:

  • on the basis of which data the report is to be created,
  • what the report should look like (list, form, table, labels, etc.)
  • what data and in what order should be placed on it
  • what titles, headers, summaries, footers should be placed
  • which fonts are to be used, etc.

Creating listings is done using the graphical method “drag and drop”. The user has full control over the placement of data and descriptions on a piece of paper.

Created evaluation templates can be saved for later use. Saved templates appear as program menu items and can be run in the same way as standard reports provided by the manufacturer.

All statements, reports and analyses can be viewed on the monitor screen, printed or transferred to Excel, Word and other programs in the form of files *.xls , *.rtf, *.wmf, *.txt, *.csv , *.htm.