FLEET Commandor Administrative summaries

The Fleet Commandor c/s system contains a rich set of reports to facilitate fleet management in various aspects.

It automatically reminds you of the dates of technical examinations, reviews, the end of insurance by means of statements or sending e-mails or text messages.

Vehicle condition and traffic reports

The program allows you to track the status and traffic of cars on reports:

  • condition of cars by type of cars
  • condition of cars in individual organizational units
  • cars admitted to stock in the given period
  • cars handed over in the given period
  • current vehicle allocation
  • history of changes in vehicle allocations.
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Vehicle equipment summaries

The program enables the recording of standard and extra-standard equipment. Listings include:

  • equipment installed on cars
  • lists of vehicles with equipment from specific equipment groups (e.g. vehicles with radios)
  • equipment purchased or disposed of during a given period.
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Tyre lists

  • list of tyres fitted to vehicles and in seasonal stock
  • inventory of tyres by make, type and use
  • vehicles without tyre data.

Supervision of technical examinations and inspections

The program supervises technical tests and periodic inspections of cars in the following systems:

  • according to the schedule of technical tests
  • according to the reserve km to the periodic inspection
  • by organizational units and period
  • automatically reminds about the end of validity of registration tests and insurance policies
  • sends an email or SMS reminder to employees.

Supervision of insurance and insurance damages

The program automatically reminds you of:

  • the expiry date of third party liability, vehicle insurance, casualty insurance, and allows for the creation of their lists
  • third party liability, vehicle insurance, casualty insurance ending in the given period
  • the amount of damages broken down into departments, vehicles, employees, etc.
  • claims settlement costs according to the accounts in comparison with compensation.

Environmental Reports

The program calculates the fees for economic use of the environment in accordance with current regulations:

  • settlement of the company according to the applicable formula
  • detailed statement of fees for individual cars
  • costs of fuel combustion charges for individual organisational units.