FLEET Commandor Cost analyses

Costs can be analysed at different levels of detail. The most detailed ones analyse individual invoice items. The most synthetic ones allow you to define aggregate cost groups.

The program enables cost analysis in the following systems:

  • value of costs broken down by type (e.g. fuels, inspections)
  • maintenance costs of individual cars, organizational units, cost centres (MPK), etc.
  • costs generated by the employee
  • turnover with the invoice issuer (petrol station, service, etc.)
  • expenses for each payment card
  • shopping done on Saturdays and Sundays/li>

The above analyses may be carried out:

  • for a specified period of time
  • for selected organisational units.
  • for a given group of cars or one vehicle
  • for the indicated cost groups

All statements, reports and analyses can be viewed on the monitor screen, printed or transferred to MS Excel, MS Word and other programs in the form of files *.xls, *.rtf, *.wmf, *.txt, *.csv, *.htm.