FLEET Commandor Configurations

The program is a professional tool supporting the management of the car fleet.
It helps to supervise the operation of cars and enables comprehensive cost analysis.

FLEET Commandor c/s makes it possible to keep records of data about cars, their users and organizational units in which they work. Keeps records of invoices for fuel, repairs, parking lots, insurance, etc. and other car settlement documents. The program enables analyses and financial reporting to be carried out at different levels of detail.

Particularly convenient is the ability to interact with non-cash settlement systems for payments made with BP Plus, Flota Orlen, euroShell, Routex on BP, Statoil, Orlen and Shell fuel stations. The program reads and analyses the electronic form of such invoices and properly assigns costs to the car, organizational unit, employee and cost group without having to inform the fuel company about changes in car allocations.

Using the fuel card system gives the System Users additional convenience, but it is not necessary to take advantage of the full capabilities of the program.

All summaries and analyses are carried out in accordance with current regulations.

The program can operate on a single computer or simultaneously on multiple stations connected in a local or extensive computer network (e.g., branches of the company throughout the country). The system can work on the basis of databases:

  • MS SQL,