FLEET Rent Rent a Car

Rental booking schedule

The vehicle reservation module allows you to maintain a booking schedule and vehicle releases and sentences. The graphical form makes it easy to quickly analyse the state and update the data. The program allows you to smoothly navigate between the booking schedule and the details of documents related to the rental. The appearance of the booking schedule can be changed according to the User’s needs (colours, sorting, etc.).


grafik rezerwacji i wynajmu

Vehicle rental file

The rental file is closely linked to the booking schedule. The following data is stored here:

  • who rents the vehicle and when
  • information on the place of release and returning
  • status – booking/released/returned
  • who served the customer
  • financial settlement of the loan
  • remarks at vehicle release/return


Kartoteka wynajmu pojazdów

Rental documentation/invoicing

The program allows for automatic printing of delivery and acceptance protocols and lease agreements.

Prints can be customized (e.g. set field layout, insert company logo, etc.).

Another feature is the customer invoicing module for rental and other related services.

Invoices shall be kept in a separate file from which the original can be quickly reviewed or a copy, duplicate or correction of the invoice issued.

It is possible to export invoices to a file and send them to customers electronically.


Dokumentacja wynajmu/fakturowanie

Rental settlement

The financial settlement of the rental is carried out automatically on the basis of previously defined price lists. However, it is always possible for the Operator to manually change the billing as needed.

Automatic mechanisms in the system assign the appropriate price list to a given vehicle class, recognize weekend periods and monitor mileage limits, as a result of which they charge the customer with appropriate rental rates.


Rozliczenie wynajmu

Customer data

The following data are stored in the customer file:

  • data of private individuals and car rental companies
  • personal data of persons downloading and passing vehicles
  • customer contact details
  • bank details and payment method and conditions
  • any customer comments


Dane klientów

Statistics, reports, summaries

Statistical options include:

  • use of vehicles individually and in groups by rental customers
  • administrative summaries and cost reports for vehicles
  • profitability analysis of the rental company (receipts and costs)
  • creating own summaries and analyses


Statystyka, raporty, zestawienia