FLEET Pro CFM Analyses

Analyses and summaries - reporting

The system contains a number of administrative summaries often required by fleet customers, as well as many operational and cost analyses of the fleet.

All reports can be made at different levels of detail, taking into account a number of criteria, including: by period, fleet customer, types of costs, etc.

For specific requirements, you can create your own reports in a friendly way and then save them for later reading.

Each report can be printed or saved to a file (e.g. XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, HTML, etc.)


Analizy i zestawienia – raportowanie

Profitability analyses (revenues - costs)

  • Statements comparing the amount of maintenance costs of vehicles with invoiced receipts from fleet customers. They make it possible to estimate the profitability of renting or servicing a fleet of vehicles of a given customer, a given pool, selected or all vehicles.
  • In addition to the standard profitability analyses, the operator has the possibility to create revenue analyses according to its own needs using independently selected data. Drag the appropriate columns to the appropriate location to build your own reports, then save to the view, or export to a file.


Analizy rentowności (przychody – koszty)