Carsharing is the idea of sharing cars among many drivers. The process can be operated using one IT system.

SATIcar is an integrated IT system that allows you to find the vehicle, rent it using a mobile device and complete settlement. It is possible to rent motor vehicles, electric vehicles or scooters.

SATIcar is also a self-service platform for booking a company vehicle for business or private purposes. It allows you to manage company pool cars as well as automate the rental process by companies offering “rent a car” services.

SATIcar enables accurate representation of the vehicle rental and return policy in accordance with the customer’s company procedures, including vehicle safety and equipment components.

SatiCar carsharing


Mobile app:

  • car availability notifications
  • different methods of searching for a car on the map
  • marking the road and driving to the reserved vehicle
  • bookings - rental
  • automatic opening of the car (GPS, QR code)
  • car condition survey at the time of rental
  • rental valuation and presentation of current costs
  • termination of lease/closure of the car
  • debit to the rental company’s account
  • Call Center video call



  • locating vehicles on digital maps, monitoring and reporting routes and tracking operational parameters in real time
  • alerts about adverse situations: unauthorized door opening, driving out of the permitted zone, dangerous driving, low battery charge
  • drawing on the map zones divided into areas where termination of the lease is allowed or prohibited and special car parks
  • “heat zone” - shows the start and end locations, allowing you to analyse the most common rental locations
  • fuel control - comparison of fleet card data with refuelled fuel
  • detection of misuse of refuelling of private cars with fuel cards provided in carsharing vehicles
  • emergency locking/unlocking of the vehicle’s central lock and locking/unlocking of the ignition


Vehicle-mounted devices:

  • modern transmitters, dedicated to carsharing or fleets of pool vehicles, allow you to control the vehicle using satellite communication systems
  • possibility of adapting the system to new car models
  • by means of GMS/GPRS signal, the device transmits information about the position and condition of the vehicle and messages from the two CAN bus connectors
  • The CAN bus controls the vehicle’s central lock – analogically or via an automatic keyless remote control
  • the system checks that the customer has left the vehicle registration card, fuel card and keys in the vehicle (if required)
  • locator allows you to open your vehicle with bluetooth for service


Back-office system:

  • customer/user management with customer data verification module
  • verification of payment cards by 3D Secure
  • verification of Customer’s address data by Blue Media
  • verification of photographs taken by the Customer with the option of storing them
  • automatic charging of payments to the Customer
  • automatic invoicing mechanism
  • settlement of bank statements
  • keeping accounts and debt collection
  • integration with the financial and accounting system
  • Call Center employee module
  • alert and event management module
  • on-going access to the technical condition of vehicles
  • vehicle damage management
  • photo documentation, etc.
  • building and managing rental price lists
  • minute prices for driving, stopping and time
  • managing promotions and bonuses
  • always current status of rentals and trips
  • current calendar, history, and reservations
  • reports on rental profitability (costs and revenues)
  • use and disposal potential of vehicles
  • regulated fleet reports
  • administrative and cost statement
  • operational reports (mileage, fuel)
  • complete fleet administration tool
  • supervision of operation and costs
  • vehicles, policies, damages, fines, tyres, etc.
  • upholding deadlines, alerts and reminders
  • fleet documentation and CRM management